Photonics West 2018

I just wanted to let clients, friends and colleagues know that I will be attending Photonics West 2018 this year.  Some of you already know this so I apologize for this duplication.  I would welcome the opportunity to say hello while out there.  The unemployment rate is 4.1% nationally.  What this means for your organization’s critical talent acquisition needs for 2018 is a more competitive landscape in attracting and retaining top employees, and difficulty in finding “A” level talent.

I wanted to also let you know that during 2017 Jenifer Bunis, has been working with Rudzinsky Associates (RA) as a Sr Photonics Talent Acquisition Consultant.  Jenifer brings 25+ years of experience in management of all aspects of Laser/Photonics Components, Systems, Applications as well as an extensive personal/business network in Photonics.  Additionally Jenifer’s experience as a Board Member with a leading Laser/Photonics firm augments RA’s capabilities in Board Member Talent Acquisition.  Jenifer has been an RA Candidate, Client and now consultant, offering a unique perspective to candidates and clients alike.  Jenifer is West Coast based.  Jenifer will also be available to speak to you about your organization’s talent needs for 2018 on Monday at the Lasers & Photonics Marketplace Seminar, and Tuesday and Wednesday at Photonics West Jenifer can be reached by phone or text at 206-499-2728.

In 2017 RA was very busy working on a number of “engaged/retained” searches as well as some contingency assignments.  I expect 2018 to continue with greater momentum.  I have listed some of the challenging assignments RA successfully completed/recently up until Photonics West 2018 on the Executive Search Page, .

When you engage Rudzinsky Associates to fill your challenging opening, you are engaging our time on a dedicated basis.  I will not quit until I find the talent to satisfy your urgent requirement!  My 30+ years of continuous experience, success, ethics, professionalism, vast network of contacts and record of accomplishment are unparalleled.  I would welcome the opportunity to discuss how I might add value to your talent acquisition plans for 2016.

Jenifer and I will be at Photonics West Monday-Thursday Jan. 29- Feb. 1.  I have many meetings already scheduled, but we will make time to connect, even briefly if you would like to talk to us.  We will come by your organization’s booth(s), but are also available for private conversations as needed.

We would be happy to talk to you after the conference as well.

You can reach me via email and or the Rudzinsky Associates office number 781/862-6727 which will ring through to my cell phone, or if you would like to reach me via cell phone and or text message you can call/text me at 617/750-2663.