Summer 2019 Job Market

Now more than ever you need to talk to Rudzinsky Associates “RA” about your critical talent acquisition project.  As of May 2019 the US unemployment rate stood at 3.6% near an 18 year low.  This is close to “full employment”.  Top talent is scarcer in this labor market environment than anytime in the last 18 years. Most companies in the Optical/Photonics space are busy and hiring, and the competition for talent is fierce.

The summer of 2019 continues the hiring trend from 2018.   I don’t have to tell you this.  Talent is scarce and fiercely sought after.   Rudzinsky Associates, “RA” offers Photonics / Optical organizations and individuals an edge in this competitive labor market.  We not only find the talent for organizations, we are tuned into unique opportunities for individuals. We are industry subject matter experts in talent, employment, careers and the optical and photonics community nationwide and globally.  We have 60+  years of industry experience.  We have been very busy working on “engaged/retained” searches as well as some exclusive/semi-exclusive and other contingency assignments for clients and candidates.  We expect the 3rd quarter of 2019 continuing into the 3rd quarter of 2019 to continue with greater momentum in the labor market for Optics, Lasers, Photonics and Fiber Optics.  Over the last 18 months we have seen a spike in demand for Sales and Marketing professionals as well as specialized technical Optical and Photonics Individual Contributors and Sr Managers.  The aerospace market has picked up, and the commercial sector remains strong. When you work with RA to fill your challenging opening, or to assist you with your own career, you are working with us personally My 35+ years of continuous experience, success, ethics, professionalism, and vast network of contacts and record of talent aquisition accomplishment in the Photonics and Optics sectors is unparalleled.  My colleague Jenifer Bunis has more than 30 years of Laser/Photonics Industry Engineering, Sales, Management, and Leadership experience.  We bring this combined experience to bear for our clients and candidates alike.  Rudzinsky Associates is not a large search firm.  When you engage RA, you talk to Howard Rudzinsky and Jenifer Bunis; you get our experience, our industry knowledge and expertise, and our Optical/Photonics talent acquisition expertise and accomplishment.  We are the ones doing the work for you.  We would welcome the opportunity to discuss with you and your team, or you personally how we might add value to your talent acquisition / career plans for not only Photonics/Optics driven openings but other relevant openings across the Optical and Photonics community.