Our Fees / Services

Engaged Search provides a full resource effort to satisfy urgent or mission critical talent acquisition requirements on a dedicated basis. In essence you are buying Rudzinsky Associates time as talent Subject Matter Experts on a dedicated basis. RA works to provide pre-screened candidates that meet and exceed our clients demanding requirements in a timely fashion. Rudzinsky Associates fee is 25% of salary or total typical compensation for a “good” performer and requires a non refundable “engagement fee” of 25% of the expected fee to initiate the search. Results are assured and the balance of our fee is payable only after successful completion of the assignment has been rendered. Details/Proposals furnished upon request.  Clients never lose their engagement fee. If the position is filled, or canceled, the engagement fee exists as a credit on the next assignment.

Contingency Recruiting represents a basic, ongoing talent acquisition activity comprised of: identifying, sourcing, screening, recruiting, referring and subsequently placing candidates. RA continues to refer new candidates, as they become available, until your job requirements are satisfied. Fees are based upon a percentage of salary and constitute 25% of the hired canidate’s first year base salary. In the case of candidates compensated by variable compensation a salary level for a good performer is agreed to by RA and our client organization.

Consulting Services RA is available for organizational consulting services, including: wage and salary, employment, strategic staffing, strategic planning and organizational development.

Exclusive Representation/Contract Recruitment offers fulfillment of one or many positions. Functioning in a temporary capacity, RA provides full service recruitment on your premises or virtually. Fee possibilities include: hourly, daily, weekly, monthly rates or retainer based and an agreed upon percentage of the annual salary of each individual hired. The percentage would be a discount to our normal contingent recruiting rate. Details and proposals furnished upon request.

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All Fees are due and payable net 30 days of the hired candidate’s first day of employment.